Plating on Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass & Other Alloys

 ***Rack, Barrel or Brush Plating***   

Electroplating Services Available:

Cadmium Plating, Bright & Dull:  AMS-QQ-P-416/QQ-P-416 Type I & II; AMS 2400; AMS 2401; ASTM B766; MIL-STD-870 

Copper:  MIL-C-14450; AMS 2418

Nickel:  AMS 2423; AMS 2424; ASTM B689; QQ-N-290

Silver Plating: AMS 2411; AMS 2412; ASTM B700; QQ-S-365

Tin Plating: AMS 2408; ASTM B545; MIL-T-10727

Zinc Plating: AMS 2402; AMS 2420; ASTM B633 Types I, II, & III; QQ-Z-325 Types I & II


Special Processing Capabilities:

Anodizing, Chromic acid:  MIL-A-8625 Type I, Class I; AMS 2470

Anodizing, Sulfuric acid:  MIL-A-8625 Type II, Classes I & II; AMS 2471; AMS 2472

Baking: Adhesion, Stress & Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

Chromate Conversion Coating: AMS 2473, AMS 2474, MIL-C-5541; MIL-DTL-5541 Type I (non-RoHS compliant) & Type II (RoHS compliant)

Clean & Degrease:  AMS-QQ-P-35/QQ-P-35 Para 3.2; ASTM A967

Nickel, Electroless: AMS 2404; AMS 2405; MIL-C-26074

Passivation w/high humidity or copper sulfate testing AMS 2700; AMS-QQ-P-35/QQ-P-35 Types II & VI; ASTM A380; ASTM A967; BAC 5751 

Additional Information:

Multi-Flex Plating Company (MFP) has In House Quality Assurance Laboratory and X-Ray Fluorescence Coating Thickness Testingcapabilities.  MFP defaults to the most current specification revision unless otherwise defined on our customer's purchase order and/or print.  We also process to other commercial, industrial and proprietary standards as required, including: Amphenol, ESCO, General Electric, Heinemann, SPD, Triumph & more.


Also: Abrasive Blast, Bright Dip, Masking, Salt Spray Testing, Stripping & 100% Inspection


Plating on Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass & Other Alloys


 ***Rack, Barrel or Brush Plating***   


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